24 August 2010

Putting us back in our box

I have been wondering of recent weeks if the corporate world is trying to put us back in our box. When I say us, I suppose I mean the ordinary person, the lone blogger, as opposed to the big corporations and the state. By putting us back in our box I mean users of the internet becoming increasingly consumers rather than active participants.

This doesn't seem to be a state sponsored problem for once, but more of an alignment between established corporates and old media with a bit of backing from good old fashioned state censorship. New tech like the iPad seem to be entirely geared at consuming a filtered version of the web and although the death of the browser has probably been greatly exaggerated, apps do offer the user much less control.

Maybe it is just that most people only want to be dumb consumers and it's only now that they are on the web in numbers that this consumerist tendency has become apparent. Still worries me though.

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