23 March 2010

Proud to be human: VSS Enterprise takes to the sky

Just last night whilst watching Wonders of the Solar System: Empire of the Sun (the first in an awe inspiring series presented by Professor Brian Cox), my girlfriend opined at the fact that with such an amazing universe out there, humanity spends so much of it's time bickering about trivialities. Although pessimistic libertarians and anarcho-capitalists everywhere no doubt often have similar feelings, this morning an email dropped into my inbox that just made me rejoice at the confluence of those two great human inventions: science and free enterprise.

The email, in a moment of synchonicity, was from Virgin Galactic, announcing that they have completed the first 'captive carry' flight of the VSS Enterprise! The title of this post paraphrases one of the comments, as news like this does make me proud to be human and gives me a chance to revel in the potential of a radical free-marketeer future.

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