15 October 2007

Where now for the Liberal Democrats?

So Menzies Campbell has resigned. It is somewhat surprising to me that it happened so soon, but it was obvious that Menzies didn't have the media savvy to stay as party leader. What will be interesting is which way the Liberal Democrat party goes. Will it become more economically liberal now that there is a (at least perceived) revival in Conservative economic liberalism? I think this is actually quite likely, although more as a matter of image than substance. For example, I would be amazed if the Liberal Democrats argued that the tax take was 10% too high.
I still wonder which is better for a free society; is it better that the parties differentiate and at least one supports more economically and socially liberal policies, or is it better that all three converge on the mythical 'centre ground' and show up politics to be the farce that it is?

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