10 October 2007

Nothing to hide, nothing to fear

I do wonder if any of the people who continue to parrot the inanity in this post title watched the documentary on China's missing children. The relevant part was when one of the couples described how you were essentially a non-person without the requisite state approved identification. How could you get in this terrible situation? Purely by having a father under 22 or a mother under 20, who would be too young to be allowed by the state to marry, thus unable to get a marriage certificate, thus unable to get a birth certificate, thus unable to get their child a state ID, making the child a pariah from birth.
This all done in the name of population control. Whilst the British government has never been communist, the deep green watermelon types have similar thoughts on population growth and advocate the state dealing with it. Given this background and the State's never ending quest for more control over it's citizens a similar scenario in the UK is not quite as unlikely as it first appears. Anyway, regardless of its likelihood, it nevertheless shows up the old trope in the title as the drivel it is.

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