25 June 2007

Where to go for ideological debate?

To be a freethinker one has to be open to alternative viewpoints and give them serious consideration. As a blogger one tends to network with other like-minded individuals, which does not provoke as much introspection as might be necessary to hone a rigorous intellectual defence of one's position.
However, if one accepts the logical coherency of anarcho-capitalism, one must necessarily reject the coherency of alternative popular political stances, so where to turn for real thought provoking alternative views and criticism of one's position? I would be interesting to know if any ancaps or libertarians generally read particular blogs that come from a different philosophical or theoretical position. Certainly the blogroll of this blog is very ancap biased.

18 June 2007

Scottish Independence

A good bit of satire from Freedom and Whisky on the increased likelihood of an imminent referendum on Scottish Independence. Basically the Conservatives in Scotland think an early referendum would give them more chance of getting a no vote to Scottish independence and put the issue to rest. However, the polling seems indecisive and if the SNP get the timing right there is a chance, albeit slim, that the Scots will vote yes.