30 March 2006

Blog VS MSM showdown

Help this guy out by completing his questionaire (every one loves random surveys don't they?). He is examining the influence of 'journalistic blogs' (which I think he basically defines as blogs with news content as opposed to personal content etc.) compared to the MSM. Sounds like an interesting undergrad project, hopefully he will publish his results in the blogosphere!

27 March 2006

Any excuse for a new terrorcrat

Hat tip to my girlfriend for noticing this one; now that Scotland has introduced a smoking ban in public* places it suddenly needs a vast army of 'smoking enforcement officers'. From the TV report on these officers it appears that these new state employees warrant fancy business suits and have to operate in pairs (and I doubt it is two for the price of one!). So yet again 'public health' is a convenient excuse for the state employing ever more non-workers and placing ever greater strain on the productive sector. It is amazing that that Edinburgh City Council has trouble emptying the bins or maintaining the streets, but it can afford to divert vast resources into stopping people lighting up.
Just another day in the life of the state.
*I say public, but it is obviously a pretty incoherent definition of public that includes privately owned businesses.

13 March 2006

Morons abound

It makes one wonder at the general intellectual prowess of the people of Great Britain when reading letters to a broadsheet newspaper that contain statements as inane as the following: that the airline industry;

"receives enormous subsidies by escaping tax and VAT on fuel."

You, sir are officially moron of the day.

Thank goodness the government gives me such a massive subsidy, what with letting me keep half my wages and all. I feel rather nauseous.

03 March 2006

The forbidden fruit

Apple do not seem keen on filling you (or more precisely your ipod) up with musical goodness, at least not if their pricing policy is anything to go by. From this article at The Register, Jim Griffin, former director of Geffen's technology group points out:

"It costs $20,000 to fill an iPod from iTunes Music Store."

So, yet another good reason not to use Apple's proprietary software or hardware, that combined with the reasons alluded to in this post about leftie ipod owners over at AngloAustria. I'd note that my comment about socialists (at least in places like the UK) being seen to be cool rather than being rational is not quite correct, as pointed out, I should have said they are rational in-so-far as acheiving their aim of looking cool, rather than my prefered aim of buying an mp3 player that is actually good at playing music (good battery life, simple interface, good sound quality, etc). Anyway, I will be sticking with my stylish Antec encased PC and my glowing Creative Zen thanks all the same Apple!