19 December 2005

Blair gives up rebate

Tony Blair's spokesman said: "The rebate is fully justified, full stop."

Thursday, 19 May, 2005

Mr Blair said the rebate was the result of a "distortion of expenditure" and "if we remove the rebate, we have to remove the reasons for its existence".

Tony Blair, Saturday, 18 June, 2005

"It is no way that we will give up rebate without a fundamental agricultural reform,"

Tony Blair, Friday, 2nd December, 2005

Trust me, I'm Tony Blair...

16 December 2005

Quote of the day: CAP

Kudos to Charles Crawford, British ambassador to Poland, who called the Common Agricultural Policy;
"the most stupid, immoral state-subsidised policy in human history, give or take communism".

09 December 2005