19 November 2005

More books to read

I was persuaded to go along to a reading by the author Neil Gaiman a week last Wednesday, and I was pleasantly surprised. Mr Gaiman is very funny and articulate, a good public speaker, which seems surprising in someone who pursues such a generally (at least I imagine) solitary career.

After he did a reading from his new book Anansi Boys I was convinced he was someone worth reading. Once I have had a chance to read some his books you can be sure will give my opinion here!

None of this has much to do with Anarcho-Capitalism (although maybe his books have hidden depths!), Mr Gaiman's only real reference to politics, an area he says he prefers not to get actively involved in, was to suggest (obviously humourously!) that governments should simply be selected at randomn from the population. I am not sure this is necessarily any worse a system than we have today, but would we really want people like this ruling the country?! I think I will stick to ancap, thanks.

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