08 July 2005

Confirmed: ID cards will not prevent terrorism

The BBC reports what we have been saying all along, specifically ID cards 'wouldn't stop attacks' like the ones in London. When asked if ID cards would have prevented Thursday's atrocity the repugnant, spineless Charles Clarke answered:

"I doubt it would have made a difference. I've never argued ... that ID cards would prevent any particular act."

So we should be sure to remind Mr Clarke of this statement repeatedly in the future.

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idlejimbo said...

I believe the PM recently boasted that ID cards would allow criminal records bureau (CRB) checks to be done in 3 days, rather than the 4 weeks that it currently takes. Considering ID cards are heralding the use of online, centralised biometrics et al, why should it take even 3 days? My own personal experience of the CRB's world leading data fumbling is good material for a blog post in it's own right.