29 June 2005

Quis Custodiet ipsos custodes

The Adam Smith Institute blog has a good concise post about the heinous Identity Database Scheme, which points out that identity cards failed to stop the Madrid bombings, will not apply to illegal immigrants (especially since if the don't have a passport how would they magically get an identity card?!) and finally bear little relation to benefit fraud (which is mainly to do with claims whilst working not false identities).

As the Adam Smith Institute accurately observes the biggest threat to civil liberties is in fact the database itself. Numerous points need noting:

  • If MI5 et al already can access this information why do we need to implement an incredibly expensive and complicated new system.
  • Once such a system is implemented it is infinitely expandable and as with all statist projects, it will be expanded.
  • Finally, who will guard the guards. This objection goes back to antiquity and is as sound now as it was then - Quis Custodiet ipsos custodes

If you are not already convinced check out NO2ID and Sean Gabb on detailed reasons to oppose identity cards.

Since this blog is concerned with the Anarcho-Capitalist meme it seems very fitting that there has been talk on the web of the identity card bill becoming 'Blair's poll tax'. I am more than happy to spread this meme, so I hereby release it into the internet wild!

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idlejimbo said...

The financing of the proposed ID scheme is amusing. The govt are being very inventive as they surely doubt that it is as affordable as they claim. Schools, for example, would be manouvered into using ID cards for CRB checks (thus manouvering potential employees into carrying them) even if they weren't compulsory. Even so, the cost would be passed onto them by charging them even more for the checks. By passing costs onto the public services in this way, the cost of individual ownership if kept down - for some reason - whilst the true cost to the taxpayer is secretly massive.