26 June 2005

Privacy is a right not a privilege

I hope people will make a pledge against ID cards here. This is the most insidious and authoritarian bill this facist government has yet embarked upon. I call them facist in a literal sense, this government is militaristic and contemptuous of individual freedoms and civil liberties. A compulsory ID card allows the government to track your life, centralising, collating and cross-referencing information on all aspects of your existence. The idea of 'nothing to fear, nothing to hide' is facetious at best and downright dangerous at worst. Only those with a total lack of imagination are unable to see how personal information can be used to manipulate enemies of the politcal elite and their cronies. With such intrusive tracking of our lives it would be simple to concoct stories based on circumstantial evidence to discredit opponents. Anyone who is aware of current affairs knows how easy it is to discredit people with mere accusations of wrong-doing or questionable associations.

ID cards will do nothing to prevent terrorist or criminal actions as ANY system is open to forgery, corruption and circumvention, what they will do is shift the balance of power towards the state, whereby citizens will have to continually prove their innocence or be excluded from modern society. Privacy is not a luxury handed out by the state, it is a right only to be rescinded on the basis of the stongest evidence of guilt handled through a transparent judicial process.

This is a heinous bill and anyone with any shred of respect for liberty and justice should oppose it absolutely.

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